Vision is defined as: “the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to pass.”

What is your vision? For your life….for today…or for this moment?

My vision is that your eyes will open to the possibilities of all that the direct selling industry can be for you!

Our industry is a curious one. Choosing or beginning the decision process of becoming engaged in our business often provokes profound insecurity among even the most secure people.

Imagine making these statements: “I am a surgeon” “I am a real estate developer” “I am a dentist” “I am a nurse” “I am an attorney” “I am in the construction industry” “I am an educator”

Typically each of these statements would be “feel good” statements, and would be esteeming. Now, make this statement…”I am involved in network marketing.” How does that feel? Does it likewise provoke confidence? Sadly, such is not always, or even often, the case.

What, then, is my vision for you as you begin or continue your process of education, evaluation and possible participation in direct selling? My vision is that you will come to see and understand several truths: truths which may have been unknown to you until now.

I believe that the fundamental principles governing network marketing are superior to those governing conventional business. The reasons are myriad. Here are a few…

In a previous career experience I was a stockbroker. I recall the joy that I had when I succeeded in opening a large new account. At the time it did not occur to me that my joy came at another’s expense. Where did the new account come from? Certainly it did not materialize from thin air. The new account I gained was an important account another broker in another firm lost. For me to win, someone else had to lose.

Such is so often the case in conventional business. In network marketing, I can say with certainty that my every success is born of another person’s success. My vision for you is that you succeed. By definition that means people you bring into the business will succeed.

Another compelling reason for participating in our industry is the ultimate possibility of separating oneself from the generation of income. As a result of proper participation in the action process, it is possible to benefit from the consumption of limitless numbers of participants and customers. It is possible to begin to experience the positive leverage of being financially rewarded as a result of the efforts of many…and the big prize is the ultimate chance to someday, one day after years of proper activity, be in a position to passively manage an organization that thrives upon the successes of people in it.

The term leverage is sometimes viewed negatively, as borrowed money is implied. The positive leverage aspects of being able to set in motion processes which make possible the generation of income in multiple time zones, currencies and cultures is key to the ultimate possibility of separating oneself more fully from the generation of income.

Perhaps the greatest unheralded good of participating in our industry and company is not about check size. Rather, it is about the personal growth and development of the participants in the program. Here we offer to all a chance to develop new skills and character attributes, making possible a more abundant life in all aspects.

That is my VISION for YOU!