stage 6I remember in my childhood what seemed to me like the ever present answer to all questions: “How much does is cost?” I want Levi’s jeans…”How much do they cost?” I want converse sneakers…..”How much do they cost?” Can I go to the movie with the other kids tonight? “How much does it cost?” Or even worse, “No Randy…that costs too much!”

The message ingrained in my person was not that there was not enough…but somehow what I took from it all was that I was not good enough. It took years of hard work on me to root out the incorrect perception I had of these messages.

Years later, I can find joy and gratitude in the fact that because I was not given everything I wanted (I assure you, my parents worked hard to provide all that I needed and more), I learned to work for success, and finally to value opportunity above almost all else.

Within me now is a deep desire, even a passion, to help others to accomplish all that they are willing to work to accomplish. I have a deep personal conviction that there is a spark of the Divine within each of us. Given that spark, truly nothing is impossible. It then falls to each of us to search out talents yet undiscovered, then upon finding them to work and work and work and work…until finally we refine these newly discovered talents into skills which become of value to other people.

There are four simple skills required for success in our business.

They are as follows:

1.) Learn to grow and maintain a candidate list. It is a simple activity to write down a list of names. Anyone can do that. But, what about six months, or six years from now? Surely by then an enterprising individual convinced of the validity of the direct selling opportunity will have made all of those contacts. It is an activity to write down a group of names. It is a developable skill to so live one’s life such that his/her candidate list grows in front of him in quality and quantity.

2.) Develop the skill of INVITING! Until such time as a member learns how to invite, the candidate will see the inviting member, as opposed to seeing the opportunity being offered. Given that most invitations are extended by newer members with income streams not yet developed, an inviting skill is requisite for success.

3.) Learn to present the business in a duplicable way. When you are talking… little progress can be made. When a tool is talking instead, big organizations are developed.

4.) Learn to deliver an institutionalized method of conducting New Member Orientations, and have that process be acted upon by a growing body of memberships.

I mentioned that I have a passion for YOUR success. The proof has long since been established. There IS a proven and predictable pattern of activities, which, when fully embraced and acted upon, results in our new member (YOU) beginning a process of talent discovery and skill development.

Having so begun, we then set our hands to the bigger target. Now we begin to work to identify character flaws which stand in the way of our being in positive association with more people, more of the time. When character flaws are moved to a point of neutrality, and finally are replaced with new character strengths, true joy is the result…and a positive side effect is financial success.

As a result of acting upon the process, which I now propose to guide you through, I no longer have to ask, “How Much Does it Cost?” Perhaps one day, neither will you!

Join me now!