What is YOUR desired outcome? How badly do you want that outcome? Why?

Oftentimes we meet and interact with people who are unable to clearly articulate the short-term and mid-term targets that must be hit to accomplish their ultimate desired outcome.

I seek to guide you in this process, and find that the best way to do so is by having the following core initiatives in which I invite your participation:

  1. I invite you to join a community whose primary purpose is life-long personal growth and development. If you want to have more, you will first need to become more! People of all kind and every background have a natural desire to be and grow in relationships with others – to be bonded together with a common clause, but with unique personal outcome available.
  2. I create and offer to you training tools, both online and in person, designed to assist in your personal journey of self-discovery and growth.
  3. A core training curriculum. It is difficult to observe my current situation in life, compare it to my beginnings, and imagine a path from outset to current world experience. There would not seem to be a logical passage between the two. I provide a comprehensive training program, combining online resources with interactive, personal, small group sessions where I deliver lessons born of life experiences which have proven to be effective in helping others achieve breakthrough successes of all kinds.
  4. “There is a corrosive thread which runs throughout our entire society. That thread is fear.” (Bill Wilson). My observation is that failure seldom comes from doing the activities required for success, and doing them poorly. Rather, failure results from not doing that which success requires. Why do so many with big desires, and basic knowledge of what is needed for success, allow days to go by without taking those actions long since proven by others to result in predictable success? It is because a wall of fear stands between the erstwhile achiever and the activity required to succeed. We help community members identify the fear, ascertain the cause of that fear, and create short term empowering activities that make it possible for correct actions to be taken.
  5. Inspiration. Here I tread softly. Augustin of Hippo stated in the year 203 that, “God made man for Himself, and man will be restless until he rests in God.” I find this to be true. It matters not how much money I have, nor how much public acclaim I receive. If I fail to nurture a personal relationship with God as I understand God, I am restless. I believe this is part of the human condition and experience. Be assured that we do not believe that there is solely one pathway to God, and we do not propose or suggest that one way is better than another. Borrowing from CS Lewis – we will guide you to a hallway. In the hallway there are many doors, each with a different version of or understanding of God. Your choice of how you perceive and believe is just that…your choice. My life experience has shown that a life devoid of spirituality is empty indeed.
  6. Financial Literacy. The world is full of broke people who remain broke…no matter how much money they earn. While each principle is important to long-term success, few things will have such immediate impact on the lives of participants as will being taught basic financial literacy. I have proven to myself that money cannot buy happiness…but a lack of money and the resulting financial pressure can be a big contributor to strife of all kinds. Let me help!