Learn about the amazing Kannaway product, Kannactiv™, for Troubled Skin!

The Kannactiv™ line is built on three basic steps:

  • Activate – a gentle scrub to wipe away dirt, excess oil and dry, dead skin cells
  • Balance – a nutrient-rich, alcohol-free toner with natural astringent and pH balancing properties that deeply cleanses the pores without excessive drying of the skin
  • Clarify – a light moisturizer that hydrates and protects skin cells to function at their optimal level giving you healthy, radiant looking skin.

The benefits of Kannactiv™ are clear, noticeably clean, even toned, and healthy looking skin.

Kannactiv™ daily regimen for troubled skin is made of all-natural high-quality formulas designed to provide deep nourishment and bring balance to your skin. Kannactiv™ works to detoxify your pores clearing excess oil, dirt, and irritants that lead to blemishes and an unhealthy-looking complexion. Kannactiv™ Activate, Balance and Clarify are infused with antioxidants found in Sustainable Hemp Oil and boosted with proprietary East Asian herbal formulas. These proved Bi-Bong™ formulas and traditional plant-based extracts found in Kannactiv™, have been passed down by revered doctors of East Asia as highly effective natural treatments for troubled skin.

  1. Activate – Exfoliant
    Apply a quarter-sized dab onto wet face and neck and massage gently in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. This power cleanser purifies and deeply cleanses the skin, flushing away imbedded dirt and excess oil. Wipes away bacteria and penetrates deep to clear blemishes and prevent new breakouts. Micro-fine bamboo particles provide gentle exfoliation to clear away dead skin cells, while powerful herbal ingredients, including Green Tea & Schisandrae, provide natural astringent properties that aid in tightening the skin and pores without disturbing the skin’s natural protective barrier.
  2. Balance – Toner
    Experience one of the best-kept secrets for troubled skin. This highly-active, alcohol-free, herbal formula consists of a proprietary herbal blend of the highest quality herbal ingredients, which provides deep nourishment to skin while providing strong anti-bacterial properties that clear away blemishes. East Asian herbs including Honeysuckle & Burdock Root penetrate deep within the dermal layers to detoxify and deeply purify the skin. Use through the day to reveal radiant and healthy skin.
    Use Daily am & pm or anytime throughout the day to treat and refresh skin. Spritz directly onto face or spray onto cotton pad and apply to skin. Gently tap formula into skin. Perfect for use as an aftershave.
  3. Clarify – Moisturizer
    This highly active, lightweight formula helps to tighten pores decongest skin, nourish skin and brighten the complexion. Powerful herbs in this time-tested proprietary herbal blend, including Goji Berry, Mulberry Leaf, Peony Bark re-balance and purify the skin by removing embedded impurities, toxins and dead skin cells without disrupting its natural pH balance throughout the day/night. Results are a clear, glowing, and shine-free complexion.
    Gently smooth over entire face and neck. Do not rinse. gently tap formula into skin. If needed, reapply throughout the day. For best results, use every day am & pm.