When we find something that is important enough to us to do it 100%, this becomes the most esteeming thing that we can do.

  • Self-esteem
    • A positive self-esteem has more to do with real success in business and in life than any other character attribute or skill
    • If we develop a more positive self-esteem, the fears that rule in so many peoples’ lives are less damaging and, in fact, go away
  • What are esteeming behaviors?
    • Identify for yourself esteeming behaviors; here is a short list:
      • Tell the truth
      • Be self sufficient
      • Be courageous
      • Be kind
      • Be generous
      • Be loyal
      • Do something 100%!
    • If these are esteeming behaviors, then how frequently am I engaging in these behaviors?
    • The key to being more happy is to engage in more esteeming behaviors; it cannot be determined by the decisions and behaviors of others
  • Japan 1997: an experience that changed the course of my life (an example in business)
    • Something became important enough for me to give it 100%
    • From that moment forward, the thought of, “I can’t,” was forever banned from my mind
    • If there is no longer, “I cannot,” there is only, “I can”
    • When you believe that you can, how much more frequently is the outcome that, in fact, you can
    • Anything that we give 100% to raises our self-esteem in an absolute breathtaking way
  • My Marian Devotion: another life changing experience (an example in spirituality)
    • Find something that matters to you enough to engage in it 100%, and, when you do, the result is that you will be changed
    • If it matters to us enough to do it 100%, then you can know in advance what the outcome will be, though you may not know the timing of the outcome

Are you aware of the little serendipitous things that occur in your life? Keep track, and at the end of each day review those moments, ideas, coincidences, and then ask yourself: “Is it odd, or is it God?”

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