Every victory over one’s self is the most esteeming behavior.

  • Observations
    • My business in Portugal and Spain
      • The difference? The quality and quantity of leadership
    • Poland and Portugal
      • The difference? Leadership has blended together seamlessly
      • What do we do when we are at odds?
        • Address it in an amicable way?
        • Fix it?
      • What is most important is a unified vision and a unified message
  • Success results from…
    • Doing the activities required to succeed!
      • It is not a result of doing the activities especially well
      • “The skill to do comes from the doing.”
      • Find the discipline to engage in whatever your revenue producing activities are
      • I challenge me to do that which is required to have the greatest possible personal outcome
    • What stands in the way?
      • Sloth?
      • FEAR?
        • Fear (in almost every instance) is illogical
      • The vast majority of fear is rooted in a lack of self-esteem, or poor self-esteem

– So  –

      • My challenge to myself is to constantly grow and develop that self-esteem
        • I want to be more poised
        • I want more confidence to be expressed as a positive, healthy self-esteem, never arrogance or ego
        • I want to become more certain that I am doing the right thing
        • …and to have a set of guiding principles to make it such that I have confidence in that
    • Esteeming behaviors
      • If I am more [          ], I have more self-esteem
        • Fitness behaviors
        • Health behaviors
        • Kindness
        • Generosity
        • Honesty
        • Forgiveness
        • Fidelity
      • What would be a list of esteeming behaviors for you?
      • What are behaviors that are esteeming to you that perhaps you have allowed to slip?
    • PPPoA
      • Enroll
      • Place an appropriate initial order
      • Establish auto-ship
      • Acquire the tool set needed
      • Build belief
      • Learn how to so live our lives so that our candidate list grows
      • Learn how to invite
      • Learn how to present the business in an eminently replicable way
      • Learn how to properly orient people into the business
      • Take action

If our self-esteem grows, we become far more likely to engage in the activities required for success, so I want to search out and seek other and more esteeming behaviors, and be more steady and consistent in those behaviors.

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