If we don’t confront these things that are uncomfortable, we cannot effectively make the required change.

  • ow good we become in a variety of areas is going to dictate the magnitude of our outcome
  • How good do you want to be?
    • *I first pose these qualifiers:
      • We cannot change our gene pool
      • We cannot change our age
      • We cannot change our gender*
      • We cannot change our heritage

    – But –

    • We can change almost everything else!
  • Some things that we might think are “simply the way we are,” need not be
    • Change is a process…not an action
    • It begins with a conscious decision
    • It will NOT be easy
    • We must first become willing to do that which we do NOT want to do
  • Others can see in us things which we cannot see…
    • Both good things…
      • Kindness, generosity…a fantastic foundation upon which we can build
    • And things which may stand in the way of our success
      • A low self esteem
  • The Sandwich
    • If I’m going to deliver information that is not the most positive, I must first begin with a compliment…
    • You are great!!
    • Guidance examples
      • Relationship/forgiveness
        • If one chooses to stay in a relationship, one must choose to forgive; minus that, there will be no intimacy of any kind, there will be no joy
      • Diction/vocabulary/enunciation
        • If one decides to do business outside of his or her culture, it will be a requisite that English become a first language; one can grow
      • Physical fitness/weight
        • Change is a decision
      • Dress code/attire style
        • Slightly more well-dressed than normal gives much more credibility with those with whom we are in contact
      • Pattern identification and action
        • Identify a pattern that is leading to a lack of desired results, set up a specific daily action in order to change the pattern
      • Presentation skill development appropriate for all
        • When we learn how to properly articulate in the most concise and confident way, where there is not much likelihood for a person misunderstanding what we want to say, we have a far greater likelihood for success
        • Exercise: record yourself making a ten minute presentation every day; the following day, review, make notes, and record another ten minute presentation
      • Eye contact
        • An appropriate amount of eye contact
      • Nervous habits
        • I must accept the way things are, but I need not accept that that’s the way things will be
      • Health habits
        • When we stubbornly hold on to negative health habits, that is egotistical
      • Start the day right
        • Early – morning meditation – AA – church – gym
        • My life’s experience is one of great joy and overall success…I believe that this is a direct result of how I start my day

The vast majority of my days are good. When I’m having a bad day, I have sources to which I can turn to cause the challenge to be as short term as it can be.

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