“Am I a part of the Cure? Or am I a part of the disease?” – Coldplay, Clocks

  • A few observations from live Bootcamp Sessions
    • People are good
      • …and are doing their best
    • Most continue to suffer the side effects of past hurts yet unresolved
      • We simply don’t make ourselves eligible for breakthrough until such a time as past hurts are resolved
    • Rick Redford/Randy Schroeder
      • Rick knew me 15 years ago as a walking character defect
      • He was open and honest about the fact that he did not want to come – why in the world would he want to spend time with me?
      • He has not seen me for 15 years, so why would he know that I am truly a changed person?
      • If Rick is feeling this way, there must be others viewing me in a negative light because of my behaviors years ago
      • If that experience is true of me, might it be true of you? Might it be that we make changes, and then assume that others then perceive us differently than we are?
    • If nothing changes, nothing changes
      • With the same set of talents but unchanged, so their outcomes are likewise unchanged
      • If I don’t take the action required…then nothing is going to change; if I do take the actions required…then it is very possible that positive change can occur
  • Bridges between foundational principles
    • Drive – Baggage
      • Negative drive was rooted in the baggage, and resulted in carrying more baggage
      • Sometimes the baggage, though it is heavy, makes us able to forage through, but ultimately, it must be dropped to begin to lose its power
    • Baggage – Fear
      • The baggage was the creator of the fear
      • Until dropping the baggage, the fear cannot be eliminated
    • Fear – Quit
      • Fear caused the inability to quit
      • This correlation circles back around to the unhealthy drive, rooted in the negative baggage
      • This unhealthy drive , which created this inability to quit because of the fear, had to be replaced, ultimately, by the correct desire to succeed to the extent so that the success was built upon proper foundation and principles

What mood are you in? Not just in this second, but in an ongoing, daily basis? That is a direct result, an outcome, that is determined by your various inputs.

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