The single greatest key to success in business and in life is willingness: it’s willingness to act, it’s willingness to investigate, it’s willingness to improve. It is not skill.

  • Leadership
    • “Physician heal thyself”
      • I can’t lead someone else where I am not, nor where I have not been

–     So    –

    • Take charge of myself
      • I have to be certain that I am doing all of those things required for me to be my best at all times, given the circumstances at that moment
      • Sometimes my externals are better than at other times
      • My best is not always the same
    • Lead from the front
      • Never ask others to do what I am not willing to do
      • If I do so, it will ring hollow
      • To be at my best, I have to make sure that I have a personal candidate in the room for whatever it is that I am doing
    • Coercion and persuasion do not work…example does
      • The grace, the skill, the wisdom, is to figure out a way to, by example, cause others to do what we want them to do
    • Keep promises
      • Can others turn to me for leadership knowing that if I say I am going to do something, I will?
  • Do I have a plan for personal development?
    • Or am I being simply swept along by the waves of life?
    • The vast majority of people lack a specific plan for personal development and, because they are being swept along, personal development seldom gets acted upon
    • My hope is that one develop a tangible plan designed to help that individual identify talents yet undiscovered, and create a plan to refine those talents into skills that become beneficial to others
    • …AND FURTHER, to help one value talents already discovered
  • Qualities that I would respect in a leader
    • How am I doing?
    • What is my direction of travel in each of these areas?
    • Honesty
      • Pure, vigorous honesty…the unvarnished truth
    • Direct and open communication ability and skill
      • *That includes when the message that I deliver is not necessarily a popular one
    • Ability to acknowledge error
      • When I make a mistake, can I acknowledge it with grace?
    • ***Certainty in direction…with a knowledge of the possibility that course management will be called for***
      • Certainty in direction, resolute, giving it every opportunity to be correct

–     But     –

      • If I am beating my head against a wall that is not going to be broken down, then I must have the knowledge that there may be course correction called for
    • Ability to inspire me and or others
      • I want those that I turn to for leadership to allow me, through their interaction with me, to cause me to see greater possibility within myself
    • Vision
      • This is intangible, more intuitive
      • I am able to see through the fog to a positive outcome on the other side of what seems to be almost hopeless circumstances
      • What provokes that vision?
        • Daily disciplines, if acted upon, build character…and will help us to see the positive outcomes
  • Qualities
    • Jonathan and David
      • Jonathan saw in another a greater capacity for leadership than he himself had, and so he paved the way for, and yielded to, another
    • John the Baptist and Jesus
      • “I must become less so that another can become more”
    • A real leader is one who does not seek to selfishly retain that leadership, but seeks to fully, totally, and absolutely, one day, transfer the baton of knowledge and leadership to another

Within every person, there are so many talents, yet undiscovered, and so many discovered, yet undeveloped, talents which could be turned into skills and made beneficial to others. When we discover talents undiscovered, or properly value talents already discovered, and work, and work, and work to refine those talents into skills that become beneficial to others, and then apply that process for a period of time, then the outcome, the side effect, the second event, is that we get what we want, so long as it is, in the overall flow of life, for the betterment of all good… At that very moment…we make it possible for us to have a breakthrough.

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