I push myself against the grinding wheel to respond well when things don’t go right…If I want to be More Happy, More of the Time, there are things that I can do that make that positively predictable.

  • What if things go wrong?
    • How will you respond?
    • How do I?
    • The way that we respond when things go wrong is a direct reflection of our overall state of wellbeing
    • We can’t anticipate when things don’t go “right,” or when things don’t go the way that we have planned
    • The way that we react when things go right has almost nothing to do with our state of well being
  • Daily activities standard
    • What are the things that I can do such that I can be relatively more assured that when things do go wrong (and they will) I respond positively in that moment of time?
      • Morning meditation
      • Exercise and nutrition
      • Meditation
      • What I read
        • All output is a reflection of input
    • How happy I will be is a reflection of my spiritual, mental, physical wellbeing; it is a reflection of the quality of my relationships; it is a result of my acting on my disciplines so that these are getting better, not worse
  • Who are you helping?
    • If I want to respond well in an adverse situation, then the absolute, most certain way to know that I will is if I am anxiously engaged in helping other people*
      • *Not in a way that has anything, whatsoever, to do with my own outcomes
    • We have to be available
      • If we are not available to help others, then others will not turn to us for help
    • If you are making yourself eligible to help others in such a way that there is no resulting benefit for you except that you helped, then the laws of the universe will conspire in such a way that you will be able to respond positively when things go wrong
  • What is the value of a day?
    • Each of us have moments of profound opportunity that are presented to us over the course of our lives
      • The question is, at that moment, are we prepared to see it and act upon it?
      • I believe that here have been so many days that I didn’t recognize
      • When we are vibrating at the right level to see them, we are able to fully harvest the opportunities and receive the value
    • I cannot overstate the value of every day!

At whatever level of success you currently live your life (personally, financially), are you putting yourself in a situation where the best you’ve ever been simply has to be better? If so, it will be!

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