If we are more happy, more of the time, others will seek to be in association with us, and whatever our various business enterprises are will be blessed by that experience.

  • *This requires absolutely no skill development; this requires purely, and simply, and only willingness and making a decision
  • The amount of joy that we experience in life:
    • Will be determined by the number of people we help
    • Will not be determined by the amount of money that we make
    • Will not be determined by the amount of acclaim that we receive
  • If I want to be more happy, more of the time:
    • What type of help can and should I (we) provide?
      • The homeless on the streets
        • “…don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing…” (Matthew 6:3)
        • If I have some, and somebody else has none, then it is the right thing to do to share
        • …but for the grace of God, there go I.
      • The newcomer to recovery
        • What is the greatest challenge in your life?
          • Is that, in fact, an advantage that God gave you?
      • Those that I sponsor
        • What are your life experiences that put you in a position that you can help?
          • If you choose to give freely of yourself, then the opportunities will abound
      • 12th step initiatives
        • It’s not what’s in it for me, it’s what’s in it for someone else
      • Those with teen issues
        • If we simply tell people the truth, instead of just sitting in the flow that, in so many instances, is not going in the right direction, then good things can occur
      • Business guidance for those who do not provide revenue for me…exactly the same as if they do provide revenue for me
        • I don’t always know the right thing to do…but I always know what is the wrong thing
      • “The churches are empty…”
        • Is there any reason that you do not fill up your spiritual bucket when it is awfully empty?
  • Daily example…that is the key
    • All opportunities to help others are created by the daily example of our lives: the way in which we make ourselves eligible to help others
    • …never knowing who is watching, never knowing who is observing, never knowing whose life is going to reach that next point of impasse and need someone to turn to…
    • If we act upon opportunity to help other people, we will be more happy, more of the time

My happiness is totally and absolutely contingent upon the number of people that I am helping, the quantity and quality of that help, and the selfless giving that is involved in that help…If we wait to give of our abundance, then we may never have abundance; but if we have the wisdom and grace, the faith to give of our scarcity, that gift of scarcity may well be the pathway to the abundance that we so seek.

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