“The skill to do comes from the doing.” (Cicero)

“…and failing to do will allow those skills to atrophy.” (Schroeder)

  • Daily Disciplines Done Daily Build Character
    • Growth precedes success: To have the next breakthrough success, one must change for the better
    • I am either going forward or going backward in these areas:
      • Spiritual
      • Physical
      • Mental
      • Emotional
    • Do a quick self-appraisal of your own disciplines, and do an inventory: compare where you are today, honestly, candidly, with where you were ninety days ago
      • Is your participation stronger…or is it weaker?
      • Don’t allow the magnitude of your success to confuse the need to participate in Daily Disciplines
      • When we do that which we set out to do, when we set goals, it is esteeming
      • That which can be measured can be improved; not that it will be improved, but it can be
      • If you are going forward, fantastic; if you are going backward, be very careful
  • The Hill…The Rock and Seasons
    • In any field of endeavor, we find ourselves standing at the bottom of a steep hill
      • It is steep because we want to accomplish something substantial
      • In any endeavor, we have revenue producing activities
    • Every time we engage in a revenue producing activities, we move the rock a little bit further up the hill
      • What if you had a steep hill and a big rock, and you got the rock half way up the hill, and then came this seasonal break, and you completely ignored the rock?
        • You must do something to keep yourself in the game to hold the rock in place
        • “The skill to do comes from the doing.”
          • If we allow those skills to atrophy, we can anticipate the rock rolling back down to the bottom of the hill
          • We want the skill to stay sharp so that we can accomplish more in the coming season
        • Even in these seasons, when it would seem perfectly logical to take time off, don’t take the time completely off
    • Your own individual hill will not be the same grade as someone else’s
      • The hill is truly a personal growth hill
      • What is difficult? Becoming
      • Once we learn, grow, develop, and become, engaging in these required behaviors becomes a relatively simple thing
    • Recognize that your rock is not going to stay stationary until such time as you arrive at the first plateau
      • The first plateau is when we have people in or organization who are accomplishing their goals
      • Now, they will stay engaged as a result of their positive outcome
  • The Value of a Day
    • “Like the sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”
    • Every one of these days are times when we can accomplish something significant…we can become more
    • We can confront ourselves and say
      • Why do I continue to behave in ways that disappoint me and others?
      • What can I do to change?
      • In this 24 hour period:
        • I’m going to be less selfish and more selfless
        • I’m going to seek someone else out who needs help, and offer that help
        • I’m going to work hard at developing a new skill
        • I’m going to be a better son/daughter
        • I’m going to be more attentive to my children
        • I’m going to be a better friend
    • The value of every day is extraordinary, and we never know when those breakthrough moments are going to be presented to us
      • Recognize the value of every single day:
        • Today might just be that breakthrough day
        • Today might be that day that I meet the person who helps me make a significant change in my life

Whether or not you believe it, I believe deeply and completely, from the center of my being, that you can have it all!

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