“Whether or not you believe it, I believe you can have not just success but stunning success, not just in the financial part of your life, but in all parts of your life.”

  • Go back and review what has taken place in Sessions 1-9
  • Important topics of review:
    • What has happened to the degree with which FEAR impacts your life since Session 1?
      • Has anything changed?
      • That which is measured can be improved, but it doesn’t improve simply because we measure it
      • If it has not improved, go back and contemplate and consider past discussions
    • When people fail, it is almost never because they did what was required to succeed, but did it poorly
    • A lack of success is almost always a result of not doing that which is required to succeed
    • That is a direct result of the “fear factor”
    • Short term empowering strategies are simply bandages to be applied
    • Long term empowerment effectively eliminates the fear
    • Long term empowerment is a direct result of character development
    • Character development does not happen by accident…is never easy and is not quick
    • What are character attributes that we find attractive?
    • Do a self-appraisal
    • Call upon someone else to tell you what they see in you
    • What are my daily disciplines such that my character is improving?
    • What is leadership?
      • Being able to influence people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it
  • Why would 17 year old Sam accept leadership from 68 year old Al?
    • He won the hearts and the minds of those he was in association with by his degree of being:
      • Selfless
      • Patient
      • Loving
      • Kind
    • Then, when a relationship was formed he:
      • Shared wisdom
      • Showed grace and courage
      • Was firm in his belief
      • Was a master at the art of edification

We can learn from the past, but it makes no sense to live in it; we can look to the future with enthusiasm and joy or fear and dread, but it all takes place right here.

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