Big time life successes are about a cascade of successful meetings: each successful meeting paves the way for the next successful one, and we have success build upon itself.

  • How Successful* Do You Want To Be?
    • *Not just financially successful
    • A bit of reality: the market is efficient.
    • We are today paid exactly what we are worth monetarily
      • Some have chosen career paths that don’t produce positive financial outcome
    • Do you want to become more…and therefore command a higher market price? (Not all people do)
    • Everyone who seeks to become more should consider direct selling – it represents an opportunity to develop leadership skills through experience, it is available to all at minimal cost, and we are not subject to “filtering”
    • Rephrase the question, “How much does it cost to get started?” to “Wow. Look how little I have to pay to be given a real chance to grow into what I must to financially succeed!”
    • We must first accomplish before we can seek to become a leader for someone else
  • Little Things Matter: “The Big Meeting”
    • The circles of relationship
      • Everything that takes place starts with relationship
    • Who do you hang with?
      • People that have a thought, an idea, or another relationship?
      • In order to become a catalyst ingredient, we must be in association with other catalyst ingredients that, when brought together, can combust
    • How do you show up?
      • Tie: there is a correct length for a tie, just breaking your belt line
      • Proper pacing: too fast can be perceived as enthusiastic (which might help) or as nervous (which won’t help)
      • Shoe laces: that are properly tied, and never frayed
      • Socks: that fit and sit properly
      • A moment of quiet reflection before going into the big meeting
      • A moment of prayer: not for success, but that you are able to act properly upon the preparation made
      • Arrival time: at the location 30 minutes early, walking in five minutes early
      • Realize: it is not about what I want
          – But –
      • Rather about solutions that I present to challenges
      • Efficiency of presentation is paramount
        • The only thing that people don’t have enough of is time
      • “Skip the coffee”
        • If there’s a recurring theme that gets in the way in your big meeting, eliminate it from the equation
  • So…How Successful Do You Want To Be?
    • Grammar
      • You can come across as either educated, poised, and successful
          – Or –
      • The opposite, based upon your word choice
      • “It pays to enrich your Word Power!”
    • Female attire
      • Attractive is good, and in a business setting, sexy is just not
      • When that line is crossed, sexy is all men see, and they don’t want to hear anything
      • Will what I am choosing to wear cause people to want to know what I think, or will I simply become an ornament in the room?
    • Male attire and grooming
      • It is not expensive to have shoes that are shined!
      • You can dress yourself down so far that you invalidate yourself in the eyes of others
      • If we show up properly groomed, we will never offend
  • How Do You Want To Be? Now About Leadership and Influencing Others…
    • What time does the 9:00 meeting start?
      • This is about respecting people
      • Without showing others respect, influence with them will never increase
    • To have friends, be a friend
      • If we have many friends, we have a lot of influence
      • Tame your ego – if it is all about you, you will never have friends
      • Determine what you have to change to be a friend
    • Sarcasm hurts
      • It is elevating one person at the expense of another
      • Eliminate sarcasm
      • If we do anything that hurts another, we can expect our influence to go down
    • A person who feels validated will always produce more in the long term than one who feels ridiculed
      • “I’ll show you,” produces short-term success
      • If you spend your life validating other people, you will have a life full of relationships of trust, mutual respect, and love
      • If those who look to you for leadership feel validated by you, this will translate to greater productivity
    • Classy behavior and polite conversation works
      • Never will you be more highly thought of by people because you fall into the trap of adult humor, or of, “Other people are, therefore it’s good”

This content to be continued…in the meantime, suit up and show up!!

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