These attributes are the key to becoming a leader who is followed by choice: one who is sought after and embraced by others.

    • Attributes:
      • Honesty vs Dishonesty
      • Transparency vs Hidden Agenda
      • Generous vs Miserly
      • Selfish vs Selfless
      • Humble vs Arrogant
      • Confident vs Insecure
      • Genuine vs Fake
      • Which direction are you going? Towards the left or right column?
        • Review this list, and create your own
          • Do a self-evaluation – there are things about yourself that only you know
          • Discuss this with others – they can see things that you cannot see in yourself
        • An “ideal” leader is devoid of the qualities in the right column – seek to have the attributes on the left
        • The root of most of these is honesty
        • One who has these traits is “attractive” to be around
          – But –
        • It is not where one falls on this scale, but the direction of travel that dictates the degree of their “attractiveness”
        • In moving towards these attributes, one begins to become eligible to become a leader, to benefit others, to become more happy, more of the time
    • Example:
      • The Story of Nehemiah: One of the Premier Leadership Stories: Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem
      • Upon learning that the walls were broken down, he:
        • Took it personally
        • Recognized it as a problem and:
          • Asked God for help
          • Asked the king for:
            • Time off
            • Safe passage
            • Access to resources
        • Took time to survey the situation, and acted with wisdom and a plan
        • Realized and overcame bother internal and external opposition
      • Are you willing to do that which is required for you to become a catalyst leader?
        • When you do, countless lives are impacted for good

Moments of travail for others are the greatest opportunities presenting themselves to us as leaders.

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