Whether or not you believe it, I believe you can have not just success…

but stunning success, not just in the financial part of your life, but in all parts of your life.

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Bootcamp on the Beach

Bootcamp on the Beach

Over the course of the past two years my teaching and training has become almost exclusively personal growth and development. Opportunity has arisen..and as a result I restore business building content to the agenda. I am now thrilled to be...

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Having known Randy for a decade now, my wife and I recently had the opportunity to participate in a Leadership Boot Camp experience that will forever be with us in our personal and business life. We gained tremendous clarity and focus that will forever enrich our souls. We are most grateful for the experience, not to mention the awesome people we were able to be associated with...truly a humbling experience for us all. Randy truly cares about people, and the wisdom he shares is priceless. From his personal challenges and adversity, he brings to light the importance of living in the present moment, and letting go of baggage from the past and limiting beliefs. Randy is totally honest and transparent, holds nothing back, and inspires people to be happy more of the time and to be the best they can be.

Doug and Barbara Jennings